GMC Group

The G.M.C. group has been operating in Sardinia in the decorative stone sector for over fifteen years. Our group is present on the Sardinian territory with two companies : one extends over an area of 30,000 square meters and the other over an area of 17,000 square meters, within which are located the different production areas and offices.
The facility includes the equipment required to handle all phases of production: machines and vehicles for the excavation and transportation of raw materials, overhead crane in the yard for handling and storage, cutting machines for squaring blocks, frames for the production of slabs, block cutter, bridge milling machine, polishing machine, flaming machine, blasting machine, lathe, and a splitting line for the realization of almost any type of project.

The group specializes in the extraction and working of large slabs of basalt and Sardinian trachyte, as well as the working and marketing of granite and marble extracted from the quarries in Sardinia.
It is the ambition of the company to take maximum care of both the quality of its materials, as well as its services, researching and selecting the best products on the market for its clients, while guaranteeing an accurate monitoring process and professionalism for all the stages of production. Our high quality products for floors and coverings, both interior and exterior, are chosen by high level designers for the realization of their own architectural works.
We offer exclusive surfaces with various treatments, designed with the involvement of architects and designers who combine all the excellence of “Made in Italy”, in order to offer always up-to-date responses from the world of design.
The special attention we give our clients during the consultation, design, and material selection stages, combined with a strict monitoring process, which ranges from the extraction stage to the production and storage stages, allows us to satisfy all the needs of each one of our clients, also allowing us to register a strong growth in terms of turnover and employees, resulting in the important contracts acquired both on a national and an international level.

GMC Production Sectors:

  • Extraction of basalt and trachyte
  • Procurement of blocks of granite and marble
  • Production of semi-finished products
  • Production of finished products
  • Storage and distribution

Recent works executed or in the process of execution:

  • Piazza Castello Sassari
  • Parco della Musica Cagliari
  • Piazza Roma Oristano
  • Piazza Mercato Olbia
  • Lungomare di Alghero (SS)
  • University of Cagliari - Faculty of Engineering