Specific weight: gr/cm3 2,21-2,981
Density: t/m3 2,2-2,9
Absorption coefficient: % 0,2-0,8
Compression tensile strength: Kg/cm2 558-1800
Compression tensile strength after imbibing: Kg/cm2 396-1705
Compression tensile strength after frost resistance cycles: Kg/cm2 280-1265
Impact strength (drop height): cm 40



Basalt is an effusive rock with volcanic origins.

The current production process of basalt has been inherited from old traditions; the constant innovation of the manufacturing technique, which generally takes place inside the same company, means that the production of goods made of basalt satisfies the most demanding projects.


Given its level of resistance, basalt is often used in outside floors (both those used for vehicles and those used for pedestrians) and inside floors. It is resistant in cold and humid weather and in climates with strong thermal excursions.