The finishes our company executes are:
  • Sawn: obtained by a simple cut (with blade, disc, or wire); cannot be considered a real finish, but since it is the final state of the surface, it considered a finish in the strict sense of the word. Does not affect the design and color.
  • Bush-hammered: executed by impact with a typical pyramid tip hammer, operated manually or mechanically. Can be graded in three variants: fine, medium, and coarse, corresponding to degrees of roughness and non-slip properties that are progressively higher. The overall color lightens considerably.
  • Sand blasted-shot blasted: involves the “blasting” of an abrasive agent, such as sand (in the first case) or a metal grit (second case) with variable grain size. The action is less aggressive than the hammering procedure and generates surfaces with a softer roughness.
  • Honed: carried out by progressively flattening the surface with decreasing grain abrasive heads, until a smooth but not reflective surface is obtained.
  • Polished: desirable in situations that provide for low abrasion or treading; along with a “dusty-like” aspect, it has lower durability.