trachite in Sardegna

The Trachyte

Specific weight: gr/cm3 1790 - 2550
Volume weight: g/cm3 1,85 - 2,20
Absorption coefficient: % 0,1 - 0,2
Compression tensile strength: Kg/cm2 301 - 1319
Compression tensile strength  after frost resistance cycles: Kg/cm2 168,7 - 1158,3
Impact strength (drop height): cm 29 - 70
Friction wear (250 runs): mm 6,49
Friction wear  (1000 runs): mm 24,81
Bending tensile strength: kgf/cm2 86



The name trachyte comes from ancient Tracia, where the first deposits of this rock were detected or, for some, from the Greek word for “coarse”. Trachyte was one of the most used rocks in ancient constructions: the Romans used it for flooring, buildings and various architectural components


Trachyte is used to cover external surfaces; inside it is generally used for wall coverings or in floors constructed using other rocks.